smarteefi 8 Module Square Smart Switch Board, WiFi Smart Switches, Smart Plugs, Smart Fan Speed Control, Compatible with Alexa and Google Home (Black)


  • This is WiFi enabled Smart Switch Board, a replacement to ordinary modular switch plates. It provides you 2 smart switches + 2 smart plugs + 1 smart fan in 8 module configuration and 3 smart switches + 1 smart plug + 1 smart fan in 6 module configurations. Smart Switch, Smart Plug and Smart Fan Speed can be individually controlled from AMAZON ALEXA, GOOGLE ASSISTANT and SMARTEEFI APP.
  • Manual override switch allows you to control your appliance manually. Smarteefi App allows you to lock/unlock manual control. 3 switches are provided for Fan control (speed up/ speed down/ ON-OFF). When fan is Switched-On on using ON-OFF switch it restores the last speed. Switches and Plugs also restores last state in Power-Cut/Power-Resume scenarios.
  • Weekly and Daily Scheduling Facility allows you to save energy bills by automating ON/OFF conditions at specified time. IT CAN RUN SCHEDULES EVEN IF INTERNET BREAKS DOWN OR POWER-CUT/ POWER-RESUME HAPPENS. Its scheduling facility is designed for Indian scenarios. Once schedules are stored in its memory it is no more dependent on Internet to execute the schedules.
  • Apart from scheduling facility it also provides countdown timer. Instead of selected scheduled time suppose you want to charge your mobile phone anytime with specified time duration (say 1 hour), you may connect your charger to one of the plugs in the Smart Switch Board and start count down timer for 1 hour. It can avoid overcharging and increase battery life of your phone/laptop etc.
  • It provides notification Facility (when you are away, you can get notification if someone is switching ON/OFF your lights at your home). All family members can control with their respective mobile phone using same login credentials. Comes with full 1 YEAR WARRANTY.

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Product details

Size name:8Module-Square (154mmx160mmx40mm)
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
  • Date First Available : 20 September 2018
  • Manufacturer : CoreEmbedded Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Country of Origin : India
  • Manufacturer : CoreEmbedded Technologies Pvt Ltd, Coreembedded Technologies Pvt Ltd. C-31, First Floor, Sector-13 Vasundhara Ghazaiabad-201012. Tech Support: +91-8130345141

Important information

Safety Information:

1. Use for devices/appliances that fall within the specified rated voltage and power limits. Invariably check your device/appliance manual for the details.2. Meant for Indoor use and Domestic purposes only. 3. Installation must be done in cool and dry places. Moisture may cause product malfunctioning

Legal Disclaimer:

1). Loss or damages resulting from un-authorized adaptations/adjustments/tampering/improper installation of the product are not covered. Also, Accidental/Physical/Water damages and damages due to High Voltage burnouts are out of the purview. 2). Product has to be used in a specific way and for the specified purposes well specified in user's manual. Any deviation/s found in usage may cause malfunction in the product may lead to any kind of failures. 3). Manufacturer takes no direct, indirect or any type of consequential liability of whatsoever nature under any condition, of customer's appliances functioning or malfunctioning of his/her appliance by or after buying product. 4). CoreEmbedded Technologiees P. Ltd. owes liability of this product not exceeding the selling price of the product in any circumstances.

Product description

Size name:8Module-Square (154mmx160mmx40mm)

Smarteefi Smart Switch Boardis the Smart Home Automation deviceThis is a WiFi enabled switch board that provides you the power of multiple smart switches + Smart Plugs + Smart Fan with Speed Control bundled together in a single package and allows you to control and schedule each switch/plug/fan independently ANYTIME from ANYWHERE using Smarteefi Android and iOS app. Weekly/Daily SchedulingEach switch/plug/fan can be scheduled individually to on/off /Speed Control your appliances at specified time of day. Schedules work even when internet is down for some reason or Power Failure/Resume Multiple Phone ControlMultiple family members can control appliances with their respective phones using same login credentials Voice Assistants IntegrationSeamless integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home App NotificationsNotifications are for manual and scheduled event executions TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Operating Voltage: 110-240V ACLoad Power Per Gang: 5-500WLoad Power Total: 2000WOperating Frequency: 50/60 HzSurge Protection: YesManual Override: YesNo. Of Controls: 5No. Of Fan Controls: 1WiFi Frequency: 2.4GHz b/g/nReal Time Clock: YesDimensions (8Module-Square): 154mm x 160mm.