Smart Switch


  • This switch is very helpful for elderly citizens who need assistance to turn on/off fan and light at night or during absence of family members.
  • Iron Man Fans can use this module to do some smart activities at home, like turning on computer, charging phone, more creative works etc....
  • If you need help in connecting wires and setting up the module, please call support number given on the box (10AM- 7PM), we also support through video calling to ensure you are doing everything right. Your safety is our priority.
  • VOICE CONTROL FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: Perfectly Compatible with Amazon Alexa (Amazon Echo/Dot/Spot), Google Assistant for voice control. REMOTE ACCESS: Control devices connected to the Smart Switch wherever you have Internet using the "TuyaSmart" app on your smartphone. NO hubs or subscriptions required.
  • SAFETY SCHEDULE TIMER: Take full control of your home or office lights thanks to the schedule timer that will allow you to plan the exact time lights and appliances are turned off. Save energy and money on bills by planning your electricity consumption every single day. TuyaSmart App: The app is free of cost and can be downloaded for Android and iOS. With the app you can set timer, theme, actions, schedules and many more...

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