Skylink SK-250 Alarm Camera


Easy installation and do-it-yourself (DIY) with No Monthly Fees. Arm/disarm the system and monitor the sensor status with the SkylinkNet Smartphone App. Also, with the Keychain Transmitter (MK-MT) or Keypad (KN-MT) sold separately
Multiple arming features. Arm away while leaving your home (all sensors are activated), arm home while someone is home (motion sensor deactivated, optional), and panic mode to immediately sound the alarm

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SkylinkNet SK-250 Alarm Automation System
Alarm & Automation System
Easy to Install, no wiring required
Expandable, works with up to 100 devices
Internet Hub with built-in siren
No Monthly Fees
Smartphone App - SkylinkNet
Supports multiple users, up to 6 users can control and monitor one internet hub
Instant Push Notification for real time monitoring
Event Log stores all recent events such as sensor activation
Arm Home / Arm Away / Disarm / Panic
DIY - Easy to Install
WIreless devices with battery make installation simple
Smartphone App provides step by step installation guide
Installation Videos available
What's Included
Internet Hub x 1
Door Window Sensor x 2
Indoor Motion Sensor x 2
Keyfob Remote x 1
Indoor Wireless Wi-Fi Camera
Adapter for Internet Hub
Installation Instructions and Mounting Accessories
WIreless Alarm System
SkylinkNet provides you with Peace of Mind when you are away from home. Wireless sensors make it easy to install and easy to remove if needed. Arm the system at night, or when you are away. Built-in siren would scare intruders away and provide you with local notification. Customized settings such as entry delay, exit delay, alarm duration all from the app.

Monitoring without Monthly Fees
There is no contract, no monthly fees, however, you get real time notification on your phone, which is usually faster than monitoring station can react to alarm by calling you, and this notification can be sent to 6 users, instantly.

Home Automation
Other than alarm sensors, SkylinkNet is compatible with home automation devices, such as Smart Plug, Wall Switch, Screw-In Dimmer, Outdoor Plug for lighting or appliance. It also works with Skylink Atoms Garage Door Opener. Control them all from your Smartphone with the SkylinkNet App.

Works with Alexa, IFTTT, Google Home
SkylinkNet works with Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Home (with IFTTT integration). Use voice command to arm the SkylinkNet, turn on a light, or close a Skylink ATOMS garage door opener.

SkylinkNet Smartphone App
Home Screen
Alarm Status
Event Log
Home Screen
You can see all sensors status all on one page, with easy to understand icons. You can also control devices such as garage door opener, home appliance and lights on this home screen.

Alarm Status
Control your alarm status here, arm home before going to bed, or arm away when going to work, with a simple press of a button. Or active panic alarm instantly if you see something suspicious.

Event Log
Keeps track of all the events, such as who armed / disarmed the system, when the garage door was open / closed, when the front door motion sensor or driveway sensor was activated.